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Watch: New Music Video from Jane’s Addiction Features Footage from CDS Instructor Nancy Kalow’s Award-Winning Documentary

Legendary rock band Jane’s Addiction is using extensive footage from longtime CDS instructor Nancy Kalow’s 1988 documentary, Sadobabies, as a “lyric video” while touring for their newest album. A slightly altered version of the video, interspersed with live footage of the band performing their song “Twisted Tales,” has recently been posted online.

Sadobabies: Runaways in San Francisco, won a Gold Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival and the Special Jury Trophy at the San Francisco Film Festival. The documentary shows the lives and orally transmitted folk culture of a group of homeless teenagers who form a supportive community after running away from home. The runaways’ abuse of their lookalike dolls mirrors the way they were treated by their parents. Kalow shot the film over a two-year period using an 8mm camcorder.

To watch Sadobabies in its entirety: http://folkstreams.net/film,89

Nancy Kalow is a folklorist and filmmaker who has taught at the Center for Documentary Studies since 2000 and has been co-chair of the Selection Committee of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festivalsince 2003. She is working on a documentary project about “dead media” and maintains a blog called Documentary Starts Here. Her 2011 e-book, Visual Storytelling: The Digital Video Documentary,  is available on the CDS website.



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