Take Three: Professor Diablo Returns to Durham’s Club Casbah, Tuesday, August 28

Photograph by Thaddaeus Edwards

The Center for Documentary Studies, in partnership with The Hinge, is thrilled to present the third installment of Professor Diablo’s True Revue, an evening of art and performance at the Durham, North Carolina, club Casbah featuring writers, musicians, visual artists, and others who make extensive use of documentary fieldwork and research in the creation of their art. The second installment played to a packed house in June; one audience member called it “one of the most bewitching performances I’ve ever seen.” (Scroll down to see videos.)

Professor Diablo’s True Revue III
Tuesday, August 28, 8 p.m.
1007 W. Main St.
Durham, North Carolina 

The Professor’s aide-de-camp, CDS writer in residence Duncan Murrell, has seen rehearsals for the upcoming show and says he was floored, describing it as “challenging, heartbreaking, fun, and funny.”  The theme for True Revue III is “Relations,” and we’re honored that it will be explored by these four artists:

Howard. L. Craft: His play Jade City Chronicles Vol. 1: The Super Spectacular Bad Ass Herald M.F. Jones—the first installment of the first African American superhero radio serial, The Jade City Pharaoh—recently rocked Manbites Dog Theater audiences. Craft’s other plays include The Vet Who Lived Underground: Dispatches from Beneath the Map and Caleb Calypso and the Midnight Marauders. His poetry collection Across the Blue Chasm is published by Big Drum Press. Craft lives in Durham with his wife and son.

Anita Woodley:  Actress, writer, director, improv performer, visual artist, journalist and radio producer. She is the creator of Mama Juggs  and The 100 Living Rooms Breast Cancer Awareness Project, touring throughout the United States. In 2011 Mama Juggs won the “Best of the Best” award at the MALI Women’s Film & Performance Arts Conference in Austin, Texas. In 2010, while visiting the Cameroon rainforest, she reunited with her maternal Tikar tribe, learned their native language, and was honored with a traditional naming ceremony. She is also a multi-award winning producer for American Public Media and The Story with Dick Gordon. She has won numerous prestigious awards from the Harry Chapin Foundation for Hunger & Poverty, the National Association of Black Journalists, and an Emmy (with CNN) for Exceptional Coverage on September 11, 2001.

Justin Robinson:  A Grammy winner and former member of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, he now heads a collective of multi-instrumentalists who bring to the stage the magical intersection of their varied musical backgrounds. The Mary Annettes comprise local musicians Elizabeth Marshall, Kyra Moore, Sally Mullikin, and Josh Stohl. Justin’s vivid stories are delivered atop a rotating arsenal of instruments including autoharp, tres, viola, banjo, violin, fiddle, cello, bass, keys, and drums, and Kyra and Sally provide rich vocal harmonies. The band lists among their influences JS Bach, Erykah Badu, English nursery rhymes, moonlight on a frozen swamp, Loretta Lynn, ossified remains of mammals, palindromes, and rhinestones. He and Thaddaeus Edwards were married in Massachusetts in 2009.

Thaddaeus Edwards: Photographer and a founding member of New Traditions Theatre. Credits include The Last Two Minutes of the Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen, Middletown (Manbites Dog), and The Art Center’s fifth annual “10 by 10 in the Triangle” short-play festival. Thaddaeus is an ensemble member of both hands theatre where his credits include the parent project and @ liberty. For Little Green Pig Theater he has appeared in The Cherry Orchard, In the Dog House: The Execution of Dostoevsky, The Island, and Jade City Chronicles Vol. 1. He and Justin Robinson were married in Massachusetts in 2009.

Jay O’Berski, of Little Green Pig Theater, will be helping produce Professor Diablo’s True Revue III.

A condensed version of Professor Diablo’s True Revue II, in two acts. Shot by Joel Mora and Matthew Phillips. Edited by Joel Mora.

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