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One Response to “Robert West: CDS Director Tom Rankin Remembers Social Documentary Pioneer”

  1. Barbara Braveboy-Locklear says:

    Horace- Barbara Locklear I, too, first met Robert West through a photographic exhibit collaboration between The Mint Museum and UNC-P Native American Resource Center. I contracted with the Mint Museum to write all panels for “Recollections: Lumbee Heritage”, a pre-1945 photography exhibit about Lumbee life; it featured candid photographs of Lumbee going about their every day lives. The exhibit traveled throughout the U.S. Southeast for several years before being donated to The Native American Resource Center on the campus of UNC-P for its permanent collection. At the invitation of Robert West, Dr. Stan Knick and I spoke about the “Lumbee Heritage” exhibit at a national conference in New Orleans, LA. I recall that Robert West was an intellectually bright, compassionate and honest human being. I read that Robert lost a courageous battle with brain cancer — the same type of tumor that took the lives of my oldest sister, Evelyn Braboy Grogg, in August 1998, and my nephew, Perry Wayne Sampson in November 2012. R.W. was truly a warrior, and I — like countless others — am the beneficiary of this genius and his generosity to the Arts. R.I.P. R.W.

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