CDS Alums Rake in Audio Docs Awards with “Blackbird Pot Pie” and Other Savory Stories


Have you heard? Three Center for Documentary Studies summer audio institute alums crowded the awards field in the Third Coast International Audio Festival’s recent ShortDocs Challenge. Out of five overall winners, Mary T. Diorio Schilling walked off with the first-ever People’s Choice honors for Blackbird Pot Pie: Not the Pie Umami Made, and Alix Blair and Kelly Jones were among the other four chosen by Third Coast and this year’s partner organization, the James Beard Foundation. Fittingly, the category for the 2013 competition was “appetite,” and each two- to three-minute audio documentary had to be presented in three “courses,” with one of the five tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, or umami) in the title.

Listen to all five of the winning entries in the 2013 Third Coast ShortDocs Challenge here.

Schilling’s Blackbird Pot Pie is a colorful corrective for anyone who thought the savory dish existed only in the nursery rhyme, highlighting the nostalgic recollections of John Farner, a New Jersey gentleman of a certain age: “Before you cooked them, you cut the head off but you left the feet on. So you had something to hold on to when you got your blackbird.” Blair’s The Last Morning Was a Sweet One is a narration-free soundscape of a day in the life and death of a pig, with the sizzle of frying bacon completing the farm-to-fork journey. Jones’s Sel: Trois Façons (Salt: Three Ways) is a rhapsodic disquisition on the proper way to prepare the classic Quebecois French fry dish, poutine. Jones translates one Quebecois woman, “One must use white cheddar curds made from milk given willingly by cows descended from those that gave the milk for the curds for the first poutine in 1957. I must taste hints of cultural supremacy, athletic dominance, and secession.”
—Marc Maximov, CDS Continuing Education Coordinator


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