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Rebekah Fergusson’s ‘”Pro Voice Project” Illuminates the Human Stories in a Black-and-White Debate

Still from "The Pro Voice Project" directed by Rebeka Fergusson

One of the subjects of “The Pro Voice Project,” Rebekah Fergusson’s documentary-in-progress

“This film isn’t just about abortion; it’s about universal themes of stigma, grief, an imperfect decision, and our most basic desire to understand our experiences through storytelling,” says filmmaker Rebekah Fergusson in describing her work-in-progress feature documentary, The Pro Voice Project. The film will be told from the perspective of five women traveling across the country to speak publicly about their abortion experiences. Their goal: to restart the abortion conversation, to explore the gray areas of a black-and-white debate with human stories—growing up as a Jehovah’s witness, as a first generation Indian American unable to talk to her parents about sex, as someone looking for a way to grieve a loss in a society that doesn’t make room for grief.

Fergusson and her team are seeking support for their largest shoot yet—in November and December, the five Pro Voice Project subjects will travel to Texas to tell their stories, followed by a trip to an Episcopal Church in New Jersey. Click here to watch a Kickstarter video about the project.

We’re proud to claim Rebekah as one of our own; she’s a 2007 Duke alum who graduated with a CDS Certificate in Documentary Studies as well as a CDS Julia Harper Day Award for excellence in documentary work. Soon after, she and three other young filmmakers made Pelada, an award-winning documentary about street soccer around the world called “close to pitch perfect” by the New York Times. Her documentary and online-video production company, rfilms, is based in San Francisco.

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