“An Everyday Affair” Exhibit of Vintage Kodak Ads and Cameras Closes September 13


“The idea gradually dawned on me that what we were doing was not merely making dry plates, but that we were starting out to make photography an everyday affair.” —George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak Company

An exhibit at the Center for Documentary Studies surveys 101 years of Eastman Kodak ads to examine the ideology of simplicity and pleasure that the company sold to America with its products. An Everyday Affair: Selling the Kodak Image to America, 1888–1989, was curated by MFA|EDA alum and former CDS exhibitions intern Lisa McCarty, who writes:

“Between 1888 and 1975, the Eastman Kodak Company invented the first handheld camera, roll film, 35mm negative and slide films, the first line of color film for amateurs, and the first digital camera, transforming the once costly and cumbersome pursuit of image-making into an inexpensive, spontaneous pursuit.

An Everyday Affair: Selling the Kodak Image to America, 1888–1989
Through September 13, 2014
Center for Documentary Studies, Porch and University Galleries
1317 W. Pettigrew St., Durham, North Carolina

“Alongside their technical advances, Eastman Kodak broke new ground in commercial marketing. By pioneering the use of print advertisements featuring persuasive slogans and romanticized illustrations, Kodak convinced consumers that photographing their daily lives was both a joyful pastime and a familial duty, and they made it as easy as pressing a button.”

An Everyday Affair features reproductions of Eastman Kodak advertisements from the Wayne P. Ellis Collection of Kodakiana and the J. Walter Thompson Company Domestic Advertisements Collection, held in the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History at Duke University’s David M. Rubenstein Library, as well as a selection of vintage Kodak cameras.

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