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CDS Undergraduates Present Multimedia Work on “Remixing Folklore” and “Field Recordings” Class Websites

CDS presents two new websites—Remixing Folklore and Field Recordings —where you can browse two semesters’ worth of undergraduate student work in the form of videos, audio slideshows, Zeegas, photography, and more. The work was produced as a part of two Multimedia Documentary courses taught by CDS Lecturing Fellow Christopher Sims, in which students learned techniques of multimedia documentary production as well as semester-long engagement with community organizations sponsored by the Duke Service-Learning Program.




Field Recordings features work by thirteen students during the 2013 spring semester class. Through the Music Maker Relief Foundation, students were introduced to four remarkable North Carolina roots musicians –Ben Payton, Captain Luke, Ironing Board Sam, and Lakota John. The students spent time with these musicians at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, the Depot in Hillsborough, at a social house in Winston-Salem, and other locations throughout the state. Through these experiences, they worked individually and in groups to film and interview the musicians and created videos and other multimedia pieces to tell stories about these musicians.

Video by Hannah Nemer, Dillon Patel, and Stephani Zakutansky


Remixing Folklore showcases work produced by students in partnership with the North Carolina Folklife Institute in the fall of 2013. The sixteen first-year students explored aspects of “folklife” in their communities on and off-campus through fieldwork, archival research, and interviews with folklore experts. They created Zeegas, audio pieces, and photo slideshows about folklife-related subjects ranging from local Baptist churches to Appalachian musicians to the role of religion in Duke football culture.

Photo slideshow by Jake Kite


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