Darius Clark Monroe Wins 2014 CDS Filmmaker Award at Full Frame Festival

Darius Clark Monroe, from "Evolution of a Criminal"

Darius Clark Monroe, from “Evolution of a Criminal”

The CDS Filmmaker Award was among ten awards given to films screening in competition at the seventeenth annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in April 2014; the $7,500 prize honors and supports documentary filmmakers whose works are potential catalysts for education and change, who best connect the power of the documentary tradition with community life, and who best lead viewers to understand and reflect on themselves and the world portrayed. This year, representatives from the Center for Documentary Studies selected Darius Clark Monroe for Evolution of a Criminal, which also won the Reva and David Logan Grand Jury Award. Click here to see a full list of 2014 Full Frame award winners.

Monroe was a teenage honor student in Texas when, overwhelmed by his family’s financial problems, he and two friends, one of them armed, robbed a suburban Houston bank. While in prison he pondered the implications of his decision and also decided that he wanted to be a filmmaker. A decade after the crime, he went back home and turned the camera on himself, interviewing family, friends, teachers, and victims to tell the story of what happened and examine the fallout. Grand Jury members praised the film, which was executive produced by Spike Lee, “for its mix of autobiographical storytelling and inventive use of re-creations” and “for its ability to disrupt what has become a familiar narrative.” Read an interview with Monroe on Indiewire.

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