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Watch: “East Durham/Cleveland-Holloway Stories,” from the 2014 Documentary Video Institute


Longtime Durham residents N.R. and Mabel Bell. Still from “The Bells” by Russell Barfield and Valica Boudry.

2014 marked the eleventh year of the CDS Documentary Video Institute, offered each summer through the Continuing Education program at the Center for Documentary Studies. In response to strong demand it drew twenty-eight students—up from the usual twenty-four—for an intense week of “boot camp”–style doc training. In one week, they went from setting up interviews to showing their work at a public screening. (Scroll down to view the videos.) Along the way, they learned all aspects of documentary filmmaking, from location scouting and interview techniques to shooting, lighting, miking, and editing. The topics were prearranged, and center around a theme; this year, as part of CDS’s renewed commitment to engaging the Durham community, the projects were all connected to the East Durham and Cleveland-Holloway neighborhoods. The students created fifteen short docs on some of the people, places, and institutions that make up the fabric of life in these historic and rapidly-changing parts of town.

And, hear the audio pieces from the 2014 Hearing Is Believing audio documentary institute, also focused on the East Durham and Cleveland Holloway neighborhoods.


Russell Barfield and Valica Boudry | The Bells

N.R. and Mabel Bell are a retired couple in their eighties who’ve seen the city undergo many changes from the vantage point of their front porch.


Jill Hendra and Loree Long | Brewing Community

Rick Tufts, head brewer and co-owner of Triangle Brewing Company, took a chance and fulfilled his longtime dream of opening a craft brewery.


Jay Summach and Alan Young | Bryson Rogers: A Perfect Frame

The accomplished yet humble pro shop manager at the Village Lanes bowling alley talks about his love of the sport and the family feel at his workplace.


Sean Graham and Ernest Smith | “Church of God United Nations”

Zimbabwe-born Reverend Johannes Gumbo ministers at Shepherd House, an East Durham church that’s heavily invested in the surrounding neighborhood, hosting a multitude of community-focused programs.


Uma Akkineni and Joy Piazza | Cleveland-Holloway: Neighborhood in Transition

Neighborhood association leader Natalie Spring comments on the stark—and accelerating—changes she’s seen in her 12 years in Cleveland-Holloway.


Beth Browne and Bradley Wilder | Cocoa Cinnamon

Installation artist David Solow designed an exquisite interior, full of historical and poetic references and surprising colors and textures, for a beloved local coffee shop.


Victor Bynum and Kris Dyson | Driving Lessons

Two young African-American men talk about their experience of being stopped and searched by the police. Expert testimony attests to the racial disparities in this type of profiling.


Christina Verano Carter and Bill Pope | Frank & Dolly

Frank & Dolly Pokrass reflect on their 24 years running the Blooming Garden Inn, an antique-studded, garden-encircled, opulent yet homey bed & breakfast in the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood.


Christina Holder | From Within

Ernest and Camryn Smith run Neighborhood Allies, a consultancy that helps organizations working in East Durham value the voices of the people who live there.


Ed Cottingham and Michelle Keeton | El Maestro

Eduardo Perez, a family facilitator at Eastway Elementary School, works tirelessly to help immigrant families adjust to their new lives in Durham.


Kent Corley and Owen Riley Jr. | More Than a Haircut

Samuel Jenkins, proprietor of Samuel & Sons Barber Shop, holds court in his one-man shop, sharing warmth and wisdom with each haircut.


Eric Gordon | That Really Cool Car Place Over on East Pettigrew Street

A brother and sister from England continued in their father’s trade by opening Flying Circus English Cars, a unique repair shop situated near the Durham freeway.


Kailey Barfield and Mazi Lombard | Undefeated Gardener

An independent-minded young man from East Durham, Ralph McCombs is one of the most dedicated members of the Angier community garden.


Marla Frederick and Cynthia McCoy Romano | The Voice

The Durham Voice, a student-run newspaper forged in a partnership between NC Central and UNC-Chapel Hill, gives a positive voice to the residents of Northeast Central Durham.

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