Photo Collections by Katina Parker on PBS Black Culture Connection

Photos by Katina Parker

PBS Interactive is featuring images and audio interviews from Katina Parker’s body of work, “One Million Strong: Photos from the Million Man, Million Woman and Million Youth Marches” as a part of their series on civil rights photographers.

Filmmaker/photographer Katina Parker—a CDS continuing education instructor—has returned to her longstanding work of telling the story of the black struggle for freedom in America. Beginning as a college student documenting the Million Man March in 1995, Parker has continued her work by documenting the Black Lives Matter movement in photography and film as it unfolds in Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, and elsewhere.

PBS Black Culture Connection recently profiled Parker’s One Million Strong and Black Lives Matter collections as a part of their series MOVEMENTS: Behind the Lens of the Black Civil Rights Movement, 1940-2015. Read more and watch Parker’s storiesCDS audio director John Biewen recorded the audio for the One Million Strong interviews, and CDS continuing ed student Kellie Hamilton recorded the audio for the pieces from Ferguson, Missouri.

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