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Workshop with Syrian girls in Northern Jordan, 2015, by Laura Doggett

Media workshop with Syrian girls in Northern Jordan, 2015, by Laura Doggett

“I have seen how the tools of documentary arts give girls a sense of agency and power over their own stories and dreams. I am constantly thrilled to see the girls’ amazement as they share their artistic work with the public and realize the value their voices and visions carry in opening up channels of
understanding, dialogue, and change.” –Laura Doggett

For 25 years our work at the Center for Documentary Studies has been built around the belief that a story, well told, can open possibilities for meaningful change—in the world at large, in audience and storyteller alike—by deepening insight, perspective, and understanding. 

That spirit is exemplified by Laura Doggett, one of our Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows and a graduate of Duke’s MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts program. Laura has worked for years with girls from communities under stress in the United States and abroad, creating opportunities for their voices to be heard—through photography, video, writing, and audio. Recently, she created media workshops for Syrian girls living in refugee camps in Jordan, work she began at the Za’atari refugee camp while she was a Duke University Felsman Fellow. During her tenure in Jordan, Doggett’s pupil Khaldiya Jibawi directed the film Another Kind of Girl, which has been featured in several film festivals worldwide, and will be screened at Sundance Film Festival in January 2016. 

Visit Waves of Childhood and Reality’s Stage to see examples of the powerful work produced by Khaldiya and other Syrian girls in Jordan and to learn more about Laura Doggett’s work there.

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