February 3: Lisa McCarty Discusses “Transcendental Concord” at John Hope Franklin Center

"Window into the Concord School of Philosophy," 2014. Photograph by Lisa McCarty.

“Window into the Concord School of Philosophy,” 2014. Photograph by Lisa McCarty.

The John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies and the Duke University MFA in Experimental and Documentary Arts invites you to a lunchtime artist’s talk event with Lisa McCarty as part of the Wednesdays at the John Hope Franklin Center series. McCarty is a photographer, filmmaker, curator, and archivist, and an alumni of the Duke MFA|EDA program. McCarty will present on her ongoing work Transcendental Concord, a project that seeks out and documents the spirit of Transcendentalism—the literary, mystical, and philosophical movement that arose from Concord, Massachusetts in the mid-nineteenth century.

Lisa McCarty, Transcendental Concord Artist’s Talk
Wednesday, February 3, 12–1 p.m.
Ahmadieh Family Conference Hall, Room 240
2204 Erwin Rd., Durham, NC (Directions)

“I consider this project to document the sites where these five Concordians lived and wrote, as well as the landscape that nourished them, akin to spirit photography. Through this work I seek to pay homage to the Transcendental movement and to resurrect their ideals by making images that witness their philosophy. In the course of a year and in every season, I photographed simply, wandering on foot and with a film camera; I photographed deliberately, seeking out specific places in Concord that are referenced in Transcendentalist writings; I photographed with reverence to the natural world, observing variations large and small in the environment; And I photographed experimentally, incorporating long exposures, camera movement (from photographing while walking), and embracing mediations of light that I often could not explain. The resulting images make up the series Transcendental Concord. They provide a glimpse into a world that is both past and present, a conduit to another way of seeing and finding meaning that is perhaps more relevant today than ever. There is still beauty, wonder, and inspiration to be found on a walk to Walden Pond and in every leaf encountered along the way.” –Lisa McCarty on Transcendental Concord

To read more about the project and McCarty’s upcoming artist talk, visit the John Hope Franklin Center website.

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