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CDS Exhibitions Intern Kamal Badhey’s Work Exhibited at 2016 Lisbon Memory Symposium

A photograph from "Passageways and Portals" by Kamal Badhey

A photograph from “Portals and Passageways” by Kamal Badhey

This January, Center for Documentary Studies exhibitions intern and photographer Kamal Badhey exhibited a collection of her photographs in the 2016 Lisbon Memory Symposium in Portugal. The symposium, Memory, Photography, and Place, brought together researchers, visual artists, and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to discuss and explore question around memory, place, and photography as well as addressing issues of representation. Badhey’s Portals and Passageways photography project was on view; additionally, she appeared on the “On The Family Archive” panel to discuss her work.

Kamal’s project is a collection of photographs from a re-constructed family album. “Based on the collective story of my extended family in Secunderabad, India, the photographs are stitched together and woven, allowing a narrative to be constructed,”she says. When put together, these separate images represent a meshwork of what Kamal saw, felt, and heard about her family.

Read more information about the symposium here.

Kamal Badhey
is a photographer, art educator, and visual urbanist based in New York and Durham, North Carolina. She is currently working the exhibitions intern at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University and as a photography instructor at Parson School of Design’s Pre-College Academy. She received her MA in Photography and Urban Cultures from Goldsmiths, University of London and her MS in Museum and General Education from Bank Street College. Her visual storytelling flirts with practices in ethnography, portraiture, art, fashion, and documentary. Her understanding of image as a construction allows her to question the interior and exterior of the photographic frame, using it as a device of inquiry and selection.

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