August 26: Final Installment of “Audio Under The Stars”


Audio Under the Stars—a series of summer-long outdoor listening parties hosted by the Center for Documentary Studies and created by two graduates of our Certificate in Documentary Arts program—debuted in 2014 to widespread delight, with curated playlists of compelling audio pieces. This month’s show is “Work It: Stories of Labor and Leisure,” featuring stories about any kind of work and play. Bring a blanket, bring a picnic, bring a friend or three, then lie back under the stars and listen (This is an outdoor event; rain date Friday, September 2). RSVP for “Work It” on the series’ Facebook page, and scroll down for the full Audio Under the Stars schedule. 

Note: Shows are from 8–10 p.m. at the Center for Documentary Studies, in Durham, North Carolina. Free parking. Directions.

Audio Under The Stars, Season 3

Bad Advice & Second Chances
Show: May 27 (rain date June 3)
Some of us have actually paid cash money for a 1974 Dodge Dart. Tell us your stories about when you listened to your Uncle Leo rather than your common sense and a Consumer Reports review, or any other time you told that small voice in your head to shut up and sit down, and how you’ve lived to tell the tale.

Destination Unknown: Trips, Travels, and Unexpected Journeys
Show: June 17 (rain date June 25)
Tell us about a time when you went in search of something: a new place, a lost love, a chance at following a dream. Or when you set out just for fun—where did the wanderlust take you and who did you meet along the way? We want stories of those eager for change and those longing for what’s left behind.

Danger: Tales of Mischief and Misfortune
Show: July 22 (rain date July 29)
We’re looking for stories with an element of danger, either real or imagined. A lurking threat, a prank gone wrong, bullets dodged or imminent disaster. These could be humorous or serious; ideally, stories will have a bit of each.

Work It: Stories of Labor and Leisure
Show: August 26 (rain date September 2)
Drudgery or dream job—how do you make your money? What’s the oddest job you’ve ever taken? What would push you to walk away? At the end of the day, how do you put the world of work behind you? We’re looking for stories about any kind of work and play.

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