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Listen: Short Audio Docs from the 2016 Hearing Is Believing Audio Institute

2015 Hearing Is Believing

Students and faculty from the summer 2016 CDS introductory audio institute, Hearing Is Believing.

In July 2016, CDS Continuing Education held the thirteenth annual Hearing Is Believing audio institute, a weeklong, immersive audio boot camp. 25 students from around the country were guided by CDS audio program director John Biewen and visiting instructor Shea Shackelford, with presentations by guest speakers Tina Antolini, creator of the Southern Foodways Alliance’s Gravy podcast, and John Barth of PRX. Students chose from a list of music- or audio-related topics; gathered interview and ambient sounds; and learned audio editing techniques to assemble short documentaries. The results are below.

Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray | Lesley Hoyt-Croft and Nicki Stein
Throughout the summer of 2016, this country has been reeling in the wake of social injustice. As racial tensions swell, is it possible that something as simple as a song could help bring Americans together? Gospel singer Mary D. Williams thinks so.

Derrick Ivey | Emily Alexander and Sally Hicks
When actor Derrick Ivey portrayed a Durham leader of the Ku Klux Klan, he had to figure out how to go to an angry and uncomfortable place. Here he talks about the personal impact of spewing hatred onstage night after night.

Girls Rock NC | Hillary Rea and Kathryn Wall
Girls Rock NC is a summer music camp that doesn’t hide being a feminist organization that embraces all gender identities. Ninety-five teens and tweens pick up drumsticks and guitars to learn chords and write songs, but they also participate in workshops on self-defense, body confidence, and zine-making. Adult volunteers kick off a loud and noisy week with the hope that their infectious passion for Girls Rock will go viral.

Hayti Sings the Blues | Paul Bieber and Jim Millay
It took ninety-five years to build a vibrant, self-sustaining community centered on church, music, and financial independence—a city within a city. It took a freeway project to destroy it.

Lorna’s Spiritual Journey | Keith Lawrence and Jonathan Stansell
It would have been easy for Lorna Collingridge to give up on the church, a place of both refuge and anguish. But doing so would have robbed her of the joy of its rituals and history. Besides, she felt she could change what troubled her about the church—if only a little bit—through her presence and her music.

Lorna composed all the music in this piece.

Oasis with a Train | Graham Prichard and Nikolas Silva
One evening a month during the summer, hundreds of people gather outdoors in Durham to listen to audio documentary pieces under the stars. Guided by a simple wish—to share good radio with friends—Jenny March and Elizabeth Friend have created a surprisingly popular series of summer happenings.

The People’s Orchestra | Carolyn Davenport and Zoe Grueskin
When Maya Jackson was a student at Durham’s Hillside High School in the 90s, the arts opened the door to the world beyond North Carolina. Today, she’s hoping music can open doors in her hometown and bring people together in a time of change.

Saints and Sinners | Robin Miniter and Ebonie Thomas
Saturday night sinners become Sunday morning saints each weekend in the South. In Durham, we hear from Marc Lee, radio host at the Juke Joint, and Reverend Larry Thomas at Union Baptist Church, about the tension that resides between bars and the blues, and gospel and grace.

Sharing the Stage | Nicolas Eilbaum and Nathan Ratner
For nearly twenty years, Brett Chambers’ open mic night has provided a place for musicians, poets, and other performers to share their talent with supportive and enthusiastic audiences. What has made this weekly Durham gathering a home to so many?

Show Up and Sing | Katie Brown and Nora Ritchie
Once a month, in a bar in Durham, Amelia Shull raises her conductor wand and 200 untrained voices respond in song. This PopUp Chorus performs hits that range from David Bowie to Michael Jackson—hits that just a few hours earlier the choristers may only have ever sung in the shower.

Whoopin’ It Up! | Christy Baugh and Marie Bongiovanni
Linda Cooper is a contra dance caller in the Triangle area of North Carolina. She’s passionate about the power of traditional dancing. And for thirty years she’s been bringing dancers and musicians together to “whoop it up!”

You Can’t Google a Guitar | Conrad Fulkerson and Ben LoCascio
For musicians, instruments often become extensions of themselves. This connection deepens when the instrument has been crafted, piece by piece, by their own hands. Luthier Ken Mitchell and his student, Knox Engler, recount their journey together to create a guitar.

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