A Reflection from 2016-2017 Lewis Hine Documentary Fellow Jenny Stratton


Photo from the Children’s Aid and Family Services of New Jersey group home, by Jenny Stratton

Founded on the spirit, values, and actions of photographer Lewis Hine, the Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows Program at the Center for Documentary Studies (CDS) connects the talents of young documentary artists with the resources and needs of community-based organizations in the United States. Fellows focus primarily on issues of socially and economically marginalized children, adolescents, young adults, their families, and communities; develop collaborative projects with those individuals and communities; and explore the role of documentary work in effecting social change.

In the latest blog post from Lookout: Notes from the Lewis Hine Documentary Fellows Program, 2016-2017 Hine Fellow Jenny Stratton shares impressions and reflections from her first few months working with Children’s Aid and Family Services of New Jersey.

“During this first month,” writes Stratton, “I have been thinking about the nature of trauma-informed photography and storytelling; how photography can be used to translate the complexities and dualities inherent in traumatic situations; how shared vulnerability has the power to produce strength. Lewis Hine defined a good photograph as ‘a reproduction of impressions made upon the photographer which he desires to repeat to others.’ I think about how impressions here might echo.”

Read the full blog post from Jenny Stratton here.

Learn more about the Hine Fellows program on the CDS website, and read more about current and recent Hine Fellows and their work on the Lewis Hine Fellowship Program’s blog.

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