Priya Kambli, Juror’s Pick (Vince Aletti), Project Prize (2010 Daylight/CDS Photo Awards)

Priya Kambli

Juror’s Pick, Project Prize

“Kambli’s project is the most personal and artful of the submissions this year. Her collages of vintage and contemporary portraits, along with still lifes of objects and strips of fabric, are marvelously resonant. She creates a richly layered self-portrait full of tactile passages and small, lovely surprises: the pat of bright turmeric that conceals the identity of one subject, the perfect cone of flour, the childish scrawls under the flower garland. Of all the work I viewed, this is the one I most want to see in person; I suspect the experience will be even more alluring and intriguing. Kambli reveals details of a private world while retaining its mystery.”

—Vince Aletti

My photographs visually express the notion of transience and split cultural identity caused by the act of migration. I have been viewing this issue through the lens of my own personal history and cultural journey. My move from India to the United States in 1993 left me feeling that I did not belong fully to either culture, that I was unable to anchor myself in any particular cultural framework. This disconnection has changed me. I feel I have a hybrid identity, a patching together of two cultures within one person. Photography has helped me bridge this gap while coming to terms with my dual nature. My digital photographs reflect the tension inherent in this duality by juxtaposing fragmented images, family snapshots, and carefully staged imagery.

—Priya Kambli

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