Interview with Martin Roemers (2010 Daylight/CDS Photo Awards)

Interview with Martin Roemers
Juror’s Pick (Jamie Wellford), 2010 Daylight/CDS Photo Awards Work-in-Process Prize

What were you attempting to illustrate by the use of blurred images?

What you see are moving people and vehicles. This illustrates the hectic activity and chaos which never stops in a city with so many people.

Why were you particularly interested with taking these pictures in India?

India is the country where I started. In the meantime I have photographed in Istanbul, Jakarta, Beijing and Manila. More cities will follow. 

Photograph by Martin Roemers, Juror's Pick (Jamie Wellford), 2010 Daylight/CDS Photo Awards Work-in-Process Prize

You said you wanted to depict the human aspect of these megacities. How do you think you captured this in your images?

Despite living in a space crammed with buildings, streets and cars, people adapt to such a place. Either they are part of the official economy and wait for the bus which takes them to work or they are part of the un-official economy and try to survive on the streets: they become street vendors, beggars or rickshaw drivers. For me it is interesting to spot these individuals in their urban environments, especially when the two worlds mingle. One picture you see the ‘rich’, on the second the ‘poor’ and, when I’m lucky, both on the third picture. Every megacity is a theatre and every city has a different stage and different actors but in the end every single one of them is trying to make its way in today’s modern society. 

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CDS undergraduate students Ali McCurdy (Tampa, Florida) and Antonio Kufoy (DeRidder, Louisiana) conducted this interview as part of the class “Multimedia Documentary” in the fall of 2010.

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