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Continuing Education Fall 2010 Final Project Presentations and Graduation

Still from "Getting Out and Getting On," Video by Alan Julich

Graduates in the Certificate in Documentary Arts program at the Center for Documentary Studies will present their final projects to the public on December 10 at 7 p.m., followed by a reception.

Friday, December 10, 7 p.m.
Center for Documentary Studies Auditorium

Throughout the year, the Center for Documentary Studies offers continuing education courses in the documentary arts for the general public. These courses, taught by working professionals, are designed to help students of all ages and backgrounds gain the skills they need to explore doing documentary work on their own terms. The Certificate in Documentary Arts program offers a structured sequence of courses and a focused opportunity to complete documentary work.

“These four video documentaries challenge us to examine our own preconceptions and to consider what binds us to our fellow man and woman, and what keeps us apart. I’m proud to call Alan Julich, Lisa Sorg, Brian Stabler, and Enrique Vega my colleagues, and I look forward, with great anticipation, to seeing their future works of art. CDS congratulates these certificate graduates and wishes them well in their future documentary adventures.”

-Randy Benson
Instructor, Fall 2010 Final Seminar in Documentary Studies

Watch the Final Projects by the Fall 2010 Certificate in Documentary Arts Graduates

Certificate in Documentary Arts
Graduates and Final Projects, Fall 2010

Alan Julich
Getting Out and Getting On [Video]

There are 40, 741 men and women currently locked up in North Carolina prisons. Of these inmates, 98 percent will eventually win release. LeJhoyn Holland was released from the state prison in Hillsborough, North Carolina, on August 24, 2009, after serving 25 years for first-degree murder. He faces long odds: 65 percent of inmates who get out don’t stay out. Most return to prison.

Getting Out and Getting On follows Holland through his integration back into society, with all the challenges and choices that follow. The documentary also shows the vital role Holland’s interfaith volunteer support team plays in his reentry.

Alan Julich was born and raised in Memphis and is proud to be a southerner. Since leaving advertising in 2005 to pursue independent video production, he’s produced long-form family memoirs, weddings and other commercial work, a biographical video, and a political video. Getting Out and Getting On is his longest and most ambitious project to date, and the most rewarding. Julich also enjoys playing and teaching clawhammer banjo.

Lisa Sorg

That Rockin’ Motion [Video]

If you’re of a certain age – between, say, thirty and seventy – you may have had a Wonder Horse. Most were plastic and mounted on springs that squeaked when you rode it (and you rode for as long as you could, probably after you had outgrown it).

My great-great uncle, William Baltz, invented the Wonder Horse, which became one of the most popular toys of the twentieth century. Yet when you consider what Uncle Will had to overcome, it’s amazing the horse ever got made. One of fourteen children, he was born in rural Pocahontas, Arkansas. A second-generation German immigrant, he didn’t speak English until he was nine, and he didn’t go to school. He was well into middle age, a carpenter with a problem to solve, when he retreated to his basement workshop and later emerged with an idea that brought joy to millions of children.

Until the early 1990’s, the Wonder Horse was built in a small factory in a small town by people whose personal histories were as humble as Uncle Will’s. That Rockin’ Motion is the story of a toy and its inventor – how one man’s idea sparked the world’s imagination.

Lisa Sorg is an award-winning journalist and the editor of the Independent Weekly. She sees Wonder Horses everywhere she goes now, most recently in a front yard in Portsmouth, Ohio, and in the film Winter’s Bone. For those planning a visit to Pocahontas, Arkansas, she recommends breakfast at the Route 166 Diner.

Brian Stabler

Of2Minds: The Creative Bipolar Life [Video]

This short film offers a glimpse into the lives of two creative people, a dancer and a writer, who are both diagnosed with bipolar disorder. One elects to undergo treatment; the other does not. The film traces the outcomes of their decisions and explores whether it is possible for creative bipolar artists to find personal solutions to living with the bipolar illness outside of the realm of traditional medicine. The answers are both engaging and illuminating.

Brian Stabler came to Chapel Hill in 1967 from the University of Durham, England, on a one-year fellowship, to study film and television. Days after arriving he met Bill Friday, then President of UNC-Chapel Hill, who steered Brian towards psychology instead. After earning his doctorate at UNC and completing a postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychology, he joined the faculty of the UNC School of Medicine. Today, after forty-three years, he is finally fulfilling a passion too long delayed by getting a Certificate in Documentary Arts.

Enrique Vega

The Elusive Creator: An Artist’s Quest to Understand the Mysteries of Creation [Video]

In The Elusive Creator, Enrique Vega takes us on a personal quest by seeking out people who may be able to answer his unresolved questions: What is the source of creation? Does it come from the individual artist or by connecting with something outside oneself? Why did the Greeks believe in the Muse? Can genies visit us during the creative act? Are artists the modern-day equivalent of shamans? Vega explores these questions by examining the myths that have undergirded western civilization, giving viewers a glimpse into the world of what motivates artists.

Enrique Vega has been a visual artist for most of his life and a professional artist and blacksmith for the last twenty-five years. Three years ago, he lost his passion for the metal arts and started to rekindle his love for the visual arts through documentary filmmaking.

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  1. Jude Lobe says:

    Enrique Vega’s film definitely piques my interest. Unfortunately, I am otherwise engaged on the 10th so won’t be able to view all the interesting videos. I hope Vega considers marketing his. There’s a ready market of artists that I’m sure would be interested. I checked out his website for metal and see hints of his interest in documentary. His work is mind-blowing. Love it.

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