The Art of Farming

The Art of Farming

Photographs and Audio by Undergraduates at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

Farming is among the oldest expressions of human culture. For a documentary artist or student, the farmer and his/her land present potent ground on which to create original artwork that explores and reflects central issues of our day. Though barely 1 percent of Americans are farmers today, agriculture stands at the center of contemporary concerns about the environment, energy, sustainability, and the origins of food. Farmers remain an often misunderstood and simplified segment of our population.

The Art of Farming is a presentation of documentary work on North Carolina farms, and farmers, by photo and audio students at the Center for Documentary Studies. The photographs were made by students in Documentary Photography and the Southern Cultural Landscape, taught by Tom Rankin. Students in Intro to Audio Documentary, taught by John Biewen, produced the audio documentaries.

The project was conducted in conjunction with Five Farms: Stories from American Farm Families, a national radio and photography project produced by Wesley Horner Productions and the Center for Documentary Studies and distributed by Public Radio International.

This joint project and website were made possible by a Collaborative Arts Grant from the Council for the Arts, Office of the Provost, Duke University.

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