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The Art of Farming: A Public Symposium is now available to listen online.

The Art of Farming symposium builds on the national documentary project Five Farms: Stories from American Farm Families, which followed the lives of five farming families (from Massachusetts, North Carolina, Iowa, Arizona, and California) during the course of one year. Their experiences, captured in audio and photographs, are presented in a series of five one-hour radio documentaries on public radio stations nationwide; in a series of radio features on National Public Radio’s™ All Things Considered™; on a multimedia website; and in an exhibition which was on view at CDS. The symposium took place at CDS from December 4-5, 2009.

Keynote Speaker: Verlyn Klinkenborg
“Farming and the Problem of Complexity”

The Five Farms Project: A Case Study from California
Featuring Annie and Jeff Main of Good Humus Farms in Capay, California, along with the photographer and audio producer who documented life on their farm over the course of four seasons, Alix Lowrey Blair.

The Family Farm Today: A Conversation Among Farmers from North Carolina, Massachusetts, Iowa, Arizona, and California
Featuring family members from each of the farms documented in the Five Farms project. John Biewen, series producer and field producer for the North Carolina portion of the project, moderates.

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