“Southern Slices” CDS Audio Projects Being Aired on Radio Stations Nationwide

A collection of student pieces from the summer Audio Institute at CDS have been broadcast on radio stations nationwide. The collection, “Southern Slices,” features student work from 2003–2007, and is hosted by CDS audio program director John Biewen.

“Southern Slices” was featured on a summer playlist on the Public Radio Exchange, and has recently aired on eleven radio stations:

Alabama Public Radio
KFOK Georgetown Cal.
KUT Austin, TX
KZYX Mendocina, Cal.
KGNU Boulder, CO
WNIJ northern IL, southern Wis.
WSNC Winston-Salem State
KRCB Windsor, Cal.
WCQS Asheville
KBRP Bisbee, AZ
WPTC Williamsport, PA

Listen to more work by the Center for Documentary Studies on the Public Radio Exchange here.

CDS documentary radio projects explore American lives and communities through the intimate power of sound. They emphasize storytelling and audio verité—“the sound of life happening.” Read more about audio projects at the Center for Documentary Studies here.

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