Shane Lavalette, Juror’s Pick (Whitney Johnson), Work-in-Process Prize (2011 Daylight/CDS Photo Awards)

Shane Lavalette
Juror’s Pick, Daylight/CDS Photo Awards Work-in-Process Prize

“Young Shane Lavalette has already demonstrated his commitment to the photography industry: As the founder and editor of Lay Flat, he is collaborating with photographers to create books that reflect each artist’s vision. Here, we see Shane’s own view, a series of color images that consider the history of traditional southern music and its relationship to the contemporary landscape.”—Whitney Johnson

As a photographer I have worked on several projects that investigate the histories and cultural landscapes of various places through a personal lens—photographing in my home state of Vermont and the surrounding area of New England, documenting the changing Burren landscape in western Ireland, and discovering the spirituality of Krishna devotees in the Indian village of Vrindavan.

My most recent work takes inspiration from traditional southern music. Using the themes and stories that come out of old time, bluegrass, blues, and gospel songs, I am interested in exploring the relationship between the rich history of the music and the contemporary landscape and people of the region. Works from this project were commissioned by the High Museum of Art in Atlanta to be exhibited in 2012 as part of their Picturing the South series.

—Shane Lavalette

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