Tamas Dezso, Winner and Jurors’ Pick (Darren Ching and Sasha Wolf), Project Prize (2011 Daylight/CDS Photo Awards)

Tamas Dezso
Winner and Jurors’ Pick, Daylight/CDS Photo Awards Project Prize

Here, Anywhere by Tamas Dezso is a meditative series that presents an unresolved Hungarian post-communist identity. The outlook invoked is somewhat surreal, almost as though what is contained within the frame is caught in some sort of suspended animation—the beginning lost and an end yet to be found. The images are sparse, understated, and eloquent. Dezso’s use of a muted color palette further stamps the series with a striking visual authority—almost nostalgic, but for what we are unsure—threading together the gamut of subjects that span isolated people, architecture, and desolate landscape.”—Darren Ching

“Tomas Dezso’s photographs are, for me, utterly arresting. The unmistakable distinctiveness of his style and subject matter is stimulating and engaging and very much appreciated (in a sea of sameness). I love his desaturated, high-contrast approach to his often lyrical subjects.”—Sasha Wolf

The map of Hungary is speckled with capsules of time. During the political transformation twenty years ago, as the country experienced change, it simply forgot about certain places. Streets, blocks of flats, vacant sites, and whole districts became self-defined enclosures where a certain outdated, awkward, longed-to-be-forgotten Eastern Europeanness still lingers. There are places that seem to be at one with other parts of the city but only their co-existence in time is apparent—places that decompose in accordance with their own specific chronology, determined by their past, such that what remains will either be silently reconquered by nature or enveloped by the lifestyles of tomorrow’s generations. Of the inhabitants, who have never fully integrated with majority society, only traces will remain until they, too, disappear in the course of time.

I do not observe these mini-universes in the hope of recording them in their entirety but rather aim to capture the essence of these worlds by elevating certain arbitrarily chosen details as embodiments of a disappearing existence. The series, begun in 2009, examines the typical transitional period and symbolic locations of post-communist space, which, due to disinterest or thoughtlessness, are slowly vanishing, fading into images, whose inimitable existence may cease to be present by tomorrow. But for the time being, they are still around. Here.”

—Tamas Dezso

Click here to read an interview with Tamas Dezso.

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      You can also see this project at http://www.tamas-dezso.com/index.php?page=work&id=4

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      Featured on Flak Photo on October 6, 2011


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