Listen Up: CDS Audio Pieces Among the Best-Selling Public Radio Broadcasts in 2011

John Biewen with a bust of John Steinbeck, Cannery Row, Monterey, California. Photograph by Diana Garcia.

Two CDS-related audio programs—“Travels with Mike” and a Reality Radio event—were among the top ten most licensed pieces in 2011 from Public Radio Exchange (PRX), the award-winning media company that serves as public radio’s largest online distribution marketplace.

The two broadcasts were on the Most Licensed Pieces list in the annual PRX Zeitfunk Awards, which recognizes standout producers and shows among the tens of thousands of audio pieces PRX licenses for use to public, community, and college radio stations throughout the U.S.

The CDS audio production “Travels with Mike: In Search of America 50 Years After Steinbeck,” follows CDS audio director John Biewen as he retraces the famous trip around the U.S. that John Steinbeck took with his dog, Charley, in 1960. (The resulting account, Travels with Charley, was published the same year that Steinbeck won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Literature.) Biewen visited some key locations on Steinbeck’s itinerary, traveling not with a dog but with a microphone—Mike, that is. In each location, he collaborated with an artist who lives and works in that place. “Travels with Mike” is a series of conversations, across time, between a great American writer and a diverse array of contemporary artists—conversations about place and the spirit of the country.

The other best-selling piece, “Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound,” was a show drawn from a live event at Boston’s WGBH in which Biewen joined public radio favorites Ira Glass, Jay Allison, and the Kitchen Sisters for an evening of stories and clips, and to discuss how and why they do what they do. The event was inspired by Biewen and coeditor Alexa Dilworth’s book of the same name, which celebrates the radio documentary form by highlighting the achievements of some of the best producers in public radio.

Click here for more information on—and to listen to—other CDS radio projects.

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