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Continuing Education: Past Courses

Downloadable catalogs of past courses are coming soon.

2014 Julia Harper Day Award Winner: David Mayer

The Julia Harper Day Award was created by the Center for Documentary Studies in 1992 in memory of the young woman who was the CDS’s first staff member, a writer and photographer of real accomplishment. This $500 award goes to a graduating Duke University senior who has demonstrated excellence in documentary studies and contributed significantly […]

“Hard Art, DC 1979”: Madams Organ Artist’s Cooperative

Madams Organ was founded on rejection. It started as studios for some Corcoran students in 1970. Overlooked by curators and teachers for a Corcoran exhibition, they chose to put on their own show. The magazine they put together for it was called the Madams Organ, a spoonerism of the neighborhood’s name, Adams Morgan. In the land of the rejected, the […]

“Hard Art, DC 1979”: Hard Art Gallery

In a way, Rogelio Maxwell literally found Hard Art Gallery. It had been active during the early ’70s but mysteriously shut down sometime around 1976, when he came across it empty, with the sign still out front. He negotiated with the landlord, re-ignited the gallery and lived upstairs with various other young artists. Hard Art […]

“Hard Art, DC 1979”: Valley Green Housing Complex

Valley Green was an unlikely name for the urban compound that greeted us. It was in a valley I suppose. Actually, on a hill looking over Oxon Run—but the name was a hopeful whitewash on a tough spot. Conceived by local councilmembers to be a solution to poverty, it was instead a hothouse of social […]