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June 13 & 16: Free Screenings of Students’ Short Docs, “East Durham Stories”

June 13 & 16: Free Screenings of Students' Short Docs, "East Durham Stories"

Each summer, participants from around the country attend the Center for Documentary Studies‘ Documentary Video Institute, offered through CDS’s Continuing Education program, to learn to scout, shoot, and edit short documentaries on pre-selected topics. For the past two years, topics have centered on the neighborhoods of East Durham, North Carolina, resulting in a multifaceted portrait of the […]

Watch: “East Durham/Cleveland-Holloway Stories,” from the 2014 Documentary Video Institute

Watch: "East Durham/Cleveland-Holloway Stories," from the 2014 Documentary Video Institute

2014 marked the eleventh year of the CDS Documentary Video Institute, offered each summer through the Continuing Education program at the Center for Documentary Studies. In response to strong demand it drew twenty-eight students—up from the usual twenty-four—for an intense week of “boot camp”–style doc training. In one week, they went from setting up interviews to showing their work […]